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NAME OF PROJECT: MANI (Mejorando la Alimentación de Niños en Intibucá) – Improving Nutrition of Children in Intibucá.

LOCATION: Department of Intibucá

According to UNICEF, Intibucá is the area in Honduras with the highest prevalence of stunting at 62.6% in children under the

age of 5. In close collaboration with Shoulder to Shoulder and its local Honduran affiliate Hombro a Hombro (non-profit and non-governmental organizations providing health care services), efforts were undertaken to develop several community-based feeding programs and integrate Chispuditos distribution into the primary care medical system in many vulnerable communities in the department of Intibucá, Honduras.

In this region, we have observed that the M+ micronutrients provided in the fortified Chispuditos increases linear growth, safely reduces the incidence of anemia and the occurrence of common childhood illnesses, and improves the perceived energy level of children. Children receiving the M+ micronutrients also had decreased medical clinic visits which was deemed very important by the medical providers as it reduced the burden on the health care system from a medical supplies, workload, and financial perspective.

Currently, 3 municipalities in Intibucá are receiving Chispuditos. We are currently continuing our fourth program where we intend to reach more than 2800 children and are seeking donations to continue the program and scale it to reach more children in this geographically challenged region.


NAME OF PROJECT: MANY (Mejorando la Alimentación de Niños en Yoro) – Improving Nutrition of Children in Yoro.

LOCATION: Department of Yoro

In collaboration with Shoulder to Shoulder–Pittsburgh, the project developed a low cost, community-based distribution system with the strong support of local staff and community volunteers. More than 900 children ages 6 months to 6 years have benefited from Chispuditos since 2012. Results indicate that children’s hemoglobin levels have significantly improved over time and those children nutritionally stunted at the beginning of the program have exhibited significant increases in linear growth.

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