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In Honduras, The Mathile Insitute is supporting child growth and development with innovative, culturally informed nutrition interventions. To overcome hesitation regarding non-local products and create a perception of quality, the Institute developed Chispuditos—a fortified corn/soy atol, or porridge—as a commercial product with appealing packaging and a low price point.


Chispuditos provides 21 vitamins and minerals, plus higher zinc and iron than other nutrition solutions. To date, the Institute has made Chispuditos available to 2,700 children in rural Intibucá using a community-based distribution model; in 2012, outreach will expand to the central agricultural area of Yoro.


Six-month data from the Intibucá project show improved iron status in participating children. These results mirror outcomes from similar Institute projects in Guatemala, where the incidence of anemia has fallen by 67%, and growth rates have risen by up to 87%.


The Mathile Institute is working with the Honduran Ministry of Health and USAID to expand its efforts in Honduras as a demonstration project. At the same time, the Institute is bringing Chispuditos to Yoro in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh and Shoulder to Shoulder.