The Mathile Institute believes that education designed to inspire youth to become change agents and to choose career paths that lead to ending hunger is essential to achieving the mission—to create lasting solutions that enable nutritional well-being in children.

In pursuit of the goal to develop greater capacity to expand the work of The Mathile Institute and enlist more minds and helping hands to solve global hunger, the Institute has researched and created multiple tools for educators and community members.


Norman Borlaug DVD

Norman Borlaug, an agronomist and humanitarian, revolutionized the science of food production. An Iowa native, he became interested in plants and science, and especially in improving crops like wheat, so that they these crops could grow in places where there was little water, poor soil and even plant diseases. Borlaug believed that if he could create better wheat varieties, people around the world could feed themselves and their loved ones, and would never again go hungry. This Nobel Peace Prize recipient became an important influence and helped shape The Mathile Institute’s vision and values.

To receive your copy of Freedom From Famine: The Norman Borlaug Story and Norman Borlaug: His Life & Times, email your request and contact information to Jami Vass, Director of Business Development.


Hunger Fighter’s Case Studies and Classroom Materials

Here you will find three downloadable case studies with instructional materials and teacher’s guides for each study.

Costa Rica




West Africa


Revolution Hunger

Revolution Hunger Logo

Revolution Hunger is a campaign that harnesses the power of teens to make a lifelong commitment to take on the problems of hunger and malnutrition around the world. Revolution Hunger was developed by The Mathile Institute in order to inspire the next generation to fight hunger and malnutrition around the world. This interactive web site provides teens with insightful quizzes, activities, and videos to learn about the issues surrounding hunger, ways they can get involved in fighting hunger, and paths for communicating with their peers about the Hunger Fighters’ revolution. We invite you to click on the Revolution Hunger logo to enter the site!