What is Chronic Malnutrition?

Many people do not know the difference between hunger and malnutrition. Before I started working at the Mathile Institute, I believed that people in under developed countries were dying of starvation because they could not afford to eat. And while that is still part of the problem, I had no idea about the deeper struggle they had to survive. Even if impoverished families miraculously found enough money to feed all of their children, most of them would not have access to the nutritious foods they need to sustain their health. And on top of that, they have never been exposed to nutritional education. I was shocked when I found out that some mothers feed their babies coffee. While we may think this is just plain “dumb,” those innocent women are hardly to blame. In most cases, that is what their own mothers fed them, and now they are just doing the best they can with the knowledge and experience that they have.

At the Mathile Institute, we have the ambitious goal to ensure that every child, everywhere, has access to high quality, nutritious food. And you can help. Simply learning more about the issues of hunger and malnutrition is an important start. Please explore our site, check out our programs and take a look at the info graphic below. Together, we can – and will – change the world.

What is Chronic Manutrition